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Sports Injuries and How Your Podiatrist Can Help
By Marc Goldberg, D.P.M.
February 26, 2019
Category: Foot Care

No matter whether you are dealing with a minor sports-related foot injury or something more serious, our Olney, Silver Spring, Camp Sports InjurySprings/Clinton, and Kensington, MD, podiatrists Dr. Michael Frank, Dr. Marc Goldberg and Dr. Adam Lowy are here to create the right treatment plan to meet your needs. It’s important that your feet and ankles get the care and treatment they need to prevent further issues or complications down the road.

Here are some of the most common sports-related foot and ankle injuries:

Sprained ankle: This is one of the most common injuries. Ankles are fragile so it should come as no surprise that athletes often deal with ankle injuries at some point during their lifetime. An ankle sprain usually occurs when the foot twists or rolls suddenly.

Plantar fasciitis: This condition happens when the tissue that supports the arches of the foot (known as the plantar fascia) becomes inflamed. This occurs most often in runners, and it causes pain and stiffness at the bottom of the heel and sometimes the arches. Heel pain is usually worse in the morning or after long periods of inactivity.

Stress fractures: This injury causes small cracks in the bones of the feet or the ankles, usually as a result of overworked and strained muscles. Overuse is the number one reason athletes deal with stress fractures, while improper or worn-out footwear can also be to blame.

Heel spur: Another common cause of heel pain in athletes, a heel spur is a calcium deposit that causes a bony bump either above or below the heel bone. Many times heel spurs appear along with plantar fasciitis.

Achilles tendinitis: The Achilles tendon is a thick band of muscle that connects the back of the heel to the calf muscles. When this tendon is inflamed it causes heel pain above the heel bone. Just like plantar fasciitis, this is also an overuse injury.

When to See a Podiatrist

While more minor sports injuries may be able to be treated with rest and simple at-home care it’s also important to know when you should visit your foot doctor right away for evaluation or treatment. Here’s when to see a podiatrist:

  • Pain and/or swelling is severe
  • You are unable to put weight on the foot
  • There is a visible deformity in the foot or ankle
  • You heard an audible popping sound at the moment of injury
  • You experience numbness, weakness or tingling
  • If symptoms aren’t improving after a week of at-home care or if symptoms are getting worse

If you have questions or concerns about the health of your feet and ankles do not hesitate to contact the experts at Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland. We are proud to serve Olney, Silver Spring, Camp Springs/Clinton, and Kensington, MD. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with us.