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The Importance Of Diabetic Foot Care
By Marc Goldberg, D.P.M.
April 24, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Diabetes is a serious condition which calls for several extra steps in taking care of your day-to-day health. Unfortunately, with the other diabetic foot careresponsibilities which come with this disease, many sufferers overlook the importance of diabetic foot care. Find out more about diabetic foot care from your podiatrist at Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland with locations in Olney, Clinton, Silver Spring and Kensington, MD.

Why is diabetic foot care important? 
Diabetes causes poor circulation, especially in the extremities like the toes and feet. This decreased blood flow can cause nerve damage, which, in turn, can cause numbness and susceptibility to infections. Small problems like a simple cut, scrape, or ingrown toenail can quickly develop into a full-blown infection of the foot. Due to the numbness caused by the decreased circulation, patients may not notice these problems until they have become serious injuries or infections.

How should I care for my feet? 
Properly caring for your feet is an important part of everyday diabetic care. Examine your feet daily for any signs of injury, irritation, or trauma to the foot. Always wear fresh socks and clean your feet daily, especially after physical activity. Wear shoes with a large enough toe box to accommodate the width of your foot and allow your toes to lie flat inside the shoe. Avoid wearing narrow, dress, or high-heeled shoes.

Diabetic Foot Care and Regular Foot Examinations in Olney, Clinton, Silver Spring and Kensington, MD
If you suffer from diabetes, your podiatrist can help you ensure that your feet stay healthy and free of injury and infection with regular foot examinations. During these visits, your podiatrist visually examines the feet and may suggest certain changes to keep your feet in top shape. Regular examinations give your podiatrist the chance to catch and treat any issues early before they have the chance to develop into a more complex condition.

For more information on diabetic foot care, please contact your podiatrist at Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland at their offices in Olney, Clinton, Silver Spring and Kensington, MD. Just call to schedule your appointment today!