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Why Custom Orthotics Trump Over the Counter Versions
By Family Foot & Ankle Associates of Maryland
April 02, 2015
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OrthoticsFor your overall foot health, including balance, function, protection and freedom from pain, many podiatrists prescribe shoe inserts called custom orthotics. Whether you are a runner, construction worker, police officer, busy mom or active senior, your choice of orthotics can impact how well and how comfortably you move on your feet through out the day.

Why choose custom orthotics?

While there are many shoe inserts or orthotics sold at the mall, pharmacy or online, the American Podiatric Medical Association states that carefully constructed, quality, custom orthotics are a better choice than anything purchased over the counter. A custom-fabricated shoe insert will last longer and will more accurately address problems associated with:

  • structural problems of the leg, foot and ankle
  • disease processes such as diabetes and arthritis
  • congenital deformities such as flat feet
  • age or injury related issues such as tendonitis and plantar fasciitis

An experienced podiatrist understands how orthotics can benefit the patient, optimizing the positives in his foot structure and protecting and supporting the weaker areas. A foot doctor also know how to precisely create plaster casts or other models of the foot to create the best-fitting orthotics possible.

Additionally, a podiatrist is a real person, concerned about the health of his or her patients. For important, ongoing issues with the foot, ankle and leg, an experienced foot doctor has the knowledge and compassion to understand long-standing problems and arrive at and adjust orthotics and other podiatric treatments as patient needs change.

Types of custom orthotics

Orthotics basically come in 2 types: functional and accommodative.

Functional orthotics adjust abnormal motion of the foot and leg, and also treat inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis and shin splints, the runner's nemesis. Most often made of stiff, highly supportive materials such as graphite or durable plastic, functional orthotics promote good balance and reduce pain.

Accommodative orthotics are individually crafted from softer materials. They are prescribed for people with deformities and medical conditions that create painful spots on the feet. The orthotics help relieve the pressure on the sore areas and support the more useful areas of the foot for a less painful and more therapeutic gait.

People who require orthotics because they compete in sports or do a lot of walking or running sometimes purcahse orthotics that are a combination of rigid and soft materials.

Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland

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