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FAQs about Orthotics
By Marc Goldberg, D.P.M.
July 02, 2019
Category: Orthotics
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Patient education is part of any good podiatric practice. At Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland in Silver Spring, Dr. Goldberg, orthoticDr. Lowy, and Dr. Frank answer many questions about orthotics. These custom-fabricated shoe inserts which correct functional foot problems and accommodate deformities and areas of tenderness and friction. Read answers here to frequently asked questions about one of today's most effective podiatric treatments.

FAQs about orthotics in Silver Spring


What are orthotics?

Orthotics are customized devices fit inside shoes or sneakers. They provide support, correct balance and gait issues, take pressure off the lower back and more. They benefit everyone from toddlers to athletes to people with diabetic ulcers and deformities from arthritis. Plus, they help patients postpone or avoid corrective surgeries or other more invasive treatments and pain medications.


What are they made of?

Rigid orthotics are made from acrylic, resin, or carbon materials. Soft orthotics are crafted from cotton or other durable, but cushiony, materials, and semi-rigid orthotics blend both elements.


How are orthotics made?

It takes several steps: diagnosis and a treatment plan from your podiatrist at Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland, taking a plaster mold of your feet, choosing the right material, and then letting the orthotic lab technician do the work. Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Lowy, or Dr. Frank ensures the shape, size and materials are accurate and of the highest quality.


Are drugstore or kiosk orthotics any good?

Some are better than others. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that some retail products do help mild podiatric problems. However, if you use them, be sure to replace over the counter orthotics right away when they show signs of wear.


Does it matter what type of shoe I wear with my orthotics?

Your foot doctor will advise you on the type of shoe best for your foot problem and for your activity level. However, in general, a quality shoe is best for your overall podiatric health, balance, and function. Also, the Pedorthic Association of Canada says that your orthotics will last longer and perform better if you put them into well-constructed footwear.


Orthotics cost more than retail inserts. Is the extra expense worth it?

Custom-crafted orthotics precisely fit your feet, your medical condition and level of activity. In general, orthotics from your podiatrists feature the finest materials available; so they last a long time. Plus, because you obtain them from your foot doctor, he will track your progress and make adjustments as needed.


Your best feet and ankles

Custom-made orthotics from Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland can help you achieve them. Call one of our offices in Olney, Camp Springs, Clinton, Kensington, or Silver Spring, MD, to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly podiatrists.