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What are Bunions?
By Marc Goldberg, D.P.M.
October 27, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Bunions  

Incorporate these simple tips into your daily life to keep bunion pain at bay.bunions

Yikes! Our Clinton, MD, podiatrists just recently told you that that painful bump at the bottom of your big toe wasn’t just minor inflammation but was actually caused by a common foot deformity known as a bunion. After this diagnosis, you may be wondering what steps you can take to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse. We are here to help provide you with solutions to keep bunion pain at bay.

What is a bunion?

A bunion is a deformity that often forms at the joint at the base of the big toe (however, a bunion can form on any of the toes). This hard protrusion juts out at the joint and can even cause the big toe to lean in on the other toes. People with bunions may experience pain and swelling around the affected area.

How can you treat a bunion?

If you are noticing foot pain and swelling, stiffness in the affected toe or a bump at the base of the big toe, then it’s a good time to visit our Clinton, MD, foot doctors for an evaluation. By catching the problem early on we can easily recommend some easy, at-home treatment options to help quell your bunion symptoms.

Here are some easy day-to-day measures you can take:

  • Wear custom orthotics, or shoe inserts (which we can create for you). This cushioned insert can be placed into your shoes to provide additional support, stabilization and even shock absorption. It can even help redistribute the weight more evenly when walking or standing.
  • Only wear shoes that provide you with proper support and that won’t put additional pressure on your bunion. A good rule of thumb is to only wear shoes in which your toes can move and wiggle freely and aren’t bunched up together. Also, avoid high heels that are over 2 inches tall.

In most cases, these lifestyle changes are enough to prevent a bunion from getting worse. Only in severe cases is bunion surgery recommended.

The podiatry team at Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland are here to help should you ever have any questions or concerns about managing your bunion symptoms. We know that a bunion doesn’t have to take over your life. We are happy to provide quality, comprehensive foot care to the Olney, Clinton, Kensington and Silver Spring, MD, areas.